Founded from a merger between Enstract Web Design and Mediscion Online Consulting, MedicalWebsites.co.za has over 8 years of experience in developing healthcare websites in South Africa.

We are specialists in developing digital properties for medical professionals and facilities. Our keen understanding of the local private healthcare industry as well with health practitioners on our board of consultants gives us an edge over other web design agencies.

The reality is that many South Africans often turn to the internet for the healthcare concerns before consulting with a professional. This is growing trend and poses both opportunities as well as obstacles to the medical industry. Our goal is to help bridge the online gap between healthcare consumer and medical professional.

At MedicalWebsites.co.za, our focus is on delivering an affordable online solution to our clients. Every project is planned, designed and implemented with the three S’s in mind.

Simple. Succinct. Strategic.

We understand that healthcare practitioners need to maintain a certain level of professionalism in keeping with Council rules and the medical profession at large. We also understand that private practices are plagued with many of the same obstacles and threats as any other business in South Africa.

Let us help you create and shape an online presence that is scalable yet delivers results immediately.